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1 place de Lorette
Fr-13002 Marseille


Since few years, Victoire Barbot builds arrangements and displays, titled « Misensembles ». After she graduated at Beaux Arts, Paris, she continued her researches on different possible stages of a same sculpture through the elaboration of balance’s constructions with collected materials that she stacks, unfolds and stores in space. In her process, those balances are archived by a first drawing. A second one that she calls « Misenboite » presents the structure in a new form and permits the conception of its « box » stage.

Born in 1988, Dreux (FR).

From sculpture to painting, Victoire Barbot’s work is unceasing in its quest to realise a whole world of work and determine a singular aesthetic, both minimalist and subjective. To this end, the artist calls for the reemployment of salvaged materials, put into play in her compositions, which themselves take the various forms of inventories, series and installations. Drawing finds its place here and there.

A set of criteria are consistently met in her works: that they be proper like action, assemblage or combination, that they be formal like structure, meshing or stacking, that they are physical like fragility, equilibrium or the ephemeral. The works are often implicitly personal. Hence the detached car and bicycle pieces from the family business she grew up in.

From one mode to another, Victoire Barbot composes her works with the context and existing materials of the territories she’s asked to intervene in. This way of working, in situ assures her of both freedom and chance which drive her in each case to imagining a previously unknown situation. Beyond the use she has made of these materials – leather, glass, velvet, vegetable matter, foam, etc – and the constraints of each situation, her art will prove to surpass every formal consideration to bring into being a really poetic universe.

Philippe Piguet

Silence is Sexy

Victoire Barbot, Silence is sexy, part 2, Installation view, SOMA, Mexico, 2018. © José Esteban Pavlovich

Misensembles 64-72

Victoire Barbot, Misensembles 64-72, exhibition view, Autoconstruccion. Detritus, MUCA, UNAM, Mexico, 2018. © Victoire Barbot

exhibition view, 2014