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Resident artists can benefit from free training modules on legal and social aspects, tax, career development and on presenting their artistic work. The aim is for the artists to take ownership of the tools they need to build their career and become more professional by engaging in a research process.

The national network Arts en résidence is a member of CIPAC (the Federation of Contemporary Art Professionals). The organisation has access to experienced and established art professionals who support resident artists according to their needs.

Astérides and Triangle France have delegated part of the activities to Documents d’artistes. A close collaborator of both organisations, Documents d’artistes has considerable experience and expertise in training emerging artists in using communication tools.


Studio visits are the opportunity for the artists to meet local, national and international professionals.             Visits are organised by appointment or during the open studio days.           The objective of the visits is to provoke encounters and foster debate and communication.


Open studio days enable the general public and professionals to discover usually inaccessible spaces, and to gain a better understanding of contemporary creation through meeting artists.