1 place de Lorette
Fr-13002 Marseille


Samir Laghouati-Rashwan graduated from the École supérieure d’art & de design Marseille-Méditerranée in 2020. Through his installation, video, publishing our sound works, he seeks to question the logic of certain dominant cultures or subcultures through installation, video, publishing or sound.

Samir Laghouati-Rashwan has recently shown his work in the exhibition “Hijack City” at the Scep gallery (2021, Marseille), or in the festival “Les Chichas de la pensée” at Magasins généraux (2021, Pantin).

Born in 1992 in Arles, France. Lives and works in Marseille.

Hijack City

Samir Laghouati-Rashwan, Dead Park (detail), exhibition view “Hijack City”, Galerie de la SCEP, Marseille, 2021.© Nassimo Berthommé

Dead Park

Samir Laghouati-Rashwan, Dead Park, installation, exhibition view “La relève”, Château de Servières, Marseille, 2021.


The Neon Colony Bar

Samir Laghouati-Rashwan, The Neon Colony Bar – episode 2, HD video, 3’30, 2020, coproduced by Triangle-Astérides.


Samir Laghouati-Rashwan, Damn from the series Melon Word, variable dimensions, 2017-2021.


Faites cabrer la vie

Samir Laghouati-Rashwan, Faites cabrer la vie de from the series Melon Word, variable dimensions, 2017-2021.