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Nicolas Daubanes graduated from the Perpignan School of Art in 2012. He now teaches at the Pyrenees School of Art and Design.
Recent solo exhibitions include: “OKLM”, Château de Servières (Marseille, 2018); “Aucun bâtiment n’est innocent”, Chapelle Saint-Jacques – Contemporary art center (Saint-Gaudens, 2018); “Le monde ou rien”, Frac PACA (Marseille, 2019); “L’huile et l’eau”, Palais de Tokyo (Paris, 2020) and “Nomen Nescio”, Château d’Oiron (Oiron, Summer 2020).

Born in 1983, Lavaur (France).

In characterising that which is reprehensible, unlawful or criminal, in distinguishing a “they” from an “us”, an “inside” from an “outside”, prisons point toward the way in which societies are developed. For Nicolas Daubanes, an artist evolving in a carceral universe, it is not so much this social aspect as an individual, that’s to say intimate, dimension of detention that interests him.

At 35, Nicolas Daubanes assigned himself a life project: to understand all the forms of imprisonment, including his own. To do this he was engaged in a tour of places of incarceration. There he observed the ways in which people reacted to the constraints of imprisonment and how their reactions could have something poetic about them.

His works in varied formats looks to seize these behaviours, to reveal ways of being that undress themselves before the regard behind judgment, walls and years, to make an inventory of deliberate hands and leftover traces. To hold on to a brick before throwing it, to scratch an inscription so as not to forget or be forgotten, to cook in a cell: in these are found only gestures of revolt.

Nicolas Daubanes acts in complicity with those who inspire him, generally in the margins and often with controversial subjects: such as Piranese the 18th century artist engraving views of imaginary prisons or of rappers like Booba. He collaborates with anonymous or anonymised detainees and also implicates his own family – tooth enamel or stardust – to maintain the link with his each and own.

Stéphanie Vidal

En plein jour

Nicolas Daubanes, En plein jour, batterie solaire, ampoule LED, fil électrique, métal, bois, livre, dimensions variables, 2020. Vue d’installation dans le cadre de l’exposition « Nomen Nescio » au Château d’Oiron.

Sabotage (Camouflage)

Nicolas Daubanes, Sabotage (camouflage), béton, sucre, fer, pigments, Parc de Sculptures du Centre d’art de Châteauvert, 2020. © Nicolas Daubanes.

Le monde ou rien

Nicolas Daubanes, Le monde ou rien, exhibition view, Frac PACA, Marseille, 2019. © Laurent Lecat

Prison Ship

Nicolas Daubanes, Prison Ship, Great Britain to Tasmania, 2018, wall drawing, magnetic iron powder, 300 x 400 cm. Exhibition view « 300 ou 400 briques », Château de Jau, Cases de Pène, 2018. © Yohann Gozard



Nicolas Daubanes, Calepinage, prison militaire de Montluc à Lyon, 2018, 400x800cm, silkscreen printings on Rivoli 300 gr, 128 elements. Exhibition view of “300 ou 400 briques”, Château de Jau, Case de Pène, France, 2018. © Yohann Gozard

15 janvier 1972

Nicolas Daubanes, 15 janvier 1972, 2018. Exhibition view of “Aucun bâtiment n’est innocent”, Chapelle Saint-Jacques, Saint-Gaudens, France, 2018. © Françoise Deladerrière