19 boulevard Boisson
Fr-13004 Marseille


Mégane Brauer graduated from the Besançon Institute of Fine Arts in 2018. Her work, made of texts and installations focuses on class issues, transforms objects and situations of the working classes, giving them the place they don’t have. 

Mégane Brauer is co-founder of the graduate student residency Freedfromdesire, with Léa Laforest and Anne Claire Julien (Juras, 2020). Among her latest exhibitions and projects: “Déjà Vierge”, curated by Claire Astier, via Vertical Looping(Star), Eglise de Tour Sainte (Marseille, 2020), residency at the Eglise de Tour Sainte (Marseille, 2020), co-organization of a workshop at the squat 59 St Just (Marseille, 2020), group exhibition “La Relève”, art-cade* (Marseille, 2020) and residency at the Fine Arts of Chittagong, Bangladesh (Chittagong, 2019).

Born in 1994. Lives and works in Marseille. 

Mordre et tenir

Mégane Brauer with Mathieu Henejaert, Mordre et Tenir, performance and installation, Beaux-Arts de Besançon, 2019. © Clément Gerardin


Mégane Brauer, DETER (detail), installation. © Mathieu Henejaert


Déjà Vierge

Ménage Brauer, Déjà Vierge, installation view, produced by Vertical Looping(star), Eglise de Tour Sainte, Marseille, 2020. © Michèle Gros.

Cheap better have my money

Mégane Brauer avec Mathieu Henejaert, Cheap better have my money, video karaoke, 2018.