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Hanna Rochereau graduated from the Master of Visual Arts – European Art Ensemble program at ECAL in Lausanne. She was invited to exhibit at Alienze (Lausanne 2018), “Usefulless” curated by Mélanie Matranga and Clément Delépine at Galerie Grèvecoeur (Paris, 2019 ), “Peeping through the looking glass” at SET (London, 2021 ), “Shifters” at Sentiment (Paris – Zurich 2022), “Wishlist ” 13 vitrine ( Lausanne 2021 ) and  “Keeping Up Appearances” at Lokal-int ( Biel 2022 ). Since 2022 she co-directs the artist-run space Hasch (@hasch.shows)

Born in 1995 in Paris. Lives and works in Marseille.

Hanna Rochereau’s work brims with references to her personal, visual, and tactile environment, moving from design to fashion via pop culture. Whether it is a material, an object, something seen, lived, or simply desired, everything feeds her protean practice, which shifts between imposing sculptures and small-scale figurative paintings.


Her works are often the fruit of collaboration, of a process of design that is shared with artisans, whose intervention, which is consensual and valued, acts as a test of the initial project. Often made from recuperated materials, Hanna Rochereau’s works open up an interpretative potential, on she is able to project herself, imagine concealed narratives or dream up new stories.


In a play on scale, Hannah Rochereau confers on certain elements, which are sometimes merely additions, architectural dimensions that unfold in the space of the exhibition, in this way structuring it and activating reflections on the domestic world. Other works re-enact the aesthetic of display and store fronts, all whilst raising the concerns linked to the showcasing of objects that belongs to visual merchandising. Whether it concerns its relationship to the environment in which it evolves or its links to clothing, jewellery or fashion in general, the body, although invisible, explores, in its ghostly presence, different way of appropriating objects and inhabiting shared and personal spaces.


Camille Ramanana Rahary

Peeping through the looking glass

Hanna Rochereau, Peeping through the looking glass Set Space – Sans titre, 2021  © Agnese Sanvito


Hanna Rochereau,”Stickers on top”, Lokal-Int, Bienne, 2022. ©Stefania Carlotti

it’s stash

Hanna Rochereau, vue d’exposition “Keeping Up Appearances”, Lokal-Int, Bienne, 2022. ©Stefania Carlotti

Hanna Rochereau, vue d’exposition “Keeping Up Appearances”, Lokal-Int, Bienne, 2022. ©Stefania Carlotti

Hanna Rochereau, exhibition view “Wishlist”,  13 Vitrine, Lausanne, 2021. ©Stefania Carlotti