Studio: Ateliers de la Ville             1 place de Lorette                       Fr-13002 Marseille


Elvia Teotski wasn’t initially destined to a career in the arts. She first studied science, and more precisely agricultural science. As well as allowing her to develop her methodological and experimental skills, this background also formed the starting point for her artistic process, based on a “cultural” appreciation of “natural” phenomena.

A graduate from the Toulon School of Fine Arts, Elvia is now developing her artistic research in the Marseille Municipal Art Studios. In 2013, she was selected for the Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean in Ancona (Italy). In 2014, her work was shown at Espace d’Art Concret in Mouans-Sartoux and at Château de Servières in Marseille. More recently, it was featured in group exhibition UptoDate at the Toulon Museum of Art.

Born in Toulouse in 1983
Lives and works in Marseille

Résistance des formes, 2015

16/9 video, 8’35’’
Photo credit: Elvia Teotski

648,9°C, 2014

Magic candles welded together by combustion, varying dimensions
Photo credit: Elvia Teotski

Pas levés (unleavened open cubes), 2013

408 variations on an open unleavened paper cube, medium, 185x133cm
Photo credit: Romain Rivalan

un(-)penetrable (détails), 2013-14

347 threads and dust, 243x153cm and h=350cm
Photo credit: Jérémy Laffon

Downtown, 2011

Vidéo 4/3, 50’00’’
Photo credit: Elvia Teotski