Studio: Ateliers de la Ville
19 Boulevard Boisson
Fr-13004 Marseille


After exploring the metaphorical representation of persons’ and landscapes’ character, Arthur Sirignano pursues his essentialist quest with an introspective exploration. His volumes are a sensitive form of writing, where projection replaces the project. Each piece is a visual thought emerging from deep philosophical questions. It is a meditation on matter and on essential materials, contained in a concrete research process around their creation. The composition turns material sensations into shapes or non-shapes – alternatively beaten or pushed away – and into cherished colours-volumes, producing compositions and minimalist situations. Sirignano’s experimental activity is both conceptual and matter-driven. It sometimes produces a form of anthropomorphism that edges towards organogenesis. This phenomenon reflects a deep interrogation on the place of humanity in our lives. The artist needs to immerse himself mentally into a space that can only be accessed by the mind’s eye: a fantastical and fundamental place.

Arthur Sirignano, born in 1986, lives not too far from the world and works in Marseille.

First encounter with a work by Arthur Sirignano through the part-open door of his studio. The austere atmosphere I detect is largely due to highly artificial white lighting. The installation in question – Le Printemps (Spring) – is an assortment of disparate objects: four blue plastic basins full of water, a stack of meticulously folded blankets, some coins, and a metal framework with a fluorescent tube attached to it. Lines on the floor divide the presentation space, painted white all over, from the rest of the studio; Printemps, like Sirignano’s other installations – portraits of family and friends, allegorical mises-en-scène – has no existence independently of its display of these unrelated elements, some of them recycled, within a specifically delineated space. This is a work with no fixed, prior definition; rather it endlessly replays, according to its presentation context, the circumstances of its emergence and its narrative potential.

Solenn Morel

Le Narcissisme (Destroyed piece), 2014

Allegorical composition
Presented at the Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean
Mediterranea 16
Château de Servières gallery, Marseille
300 x 250 x 65 cm
Photo credit: © AS

Légende Visuelle, 2014

Marseille municipal art studios open day
Photo credit: © AS

l’Amour propre, 2015

Allegorical composition
“Après Avoir Tout Oublié”, Astérides, Friche la Belle de Mai, Marseille
275 x 160 x 100 cm
Photo credit: © AS

Etude sur le Réel Simplifié (Nuit), 2015

332 x 332 x 332 cm
Photo credit: © AS

Le Printemps, 2015

Alegorical composition
350 x 240 x 240 cm
Photo credit: © AS