After receiving 186 applications, a jury of 8 members met to allocate the municipal studios. Composition of the jury. Jury members:

Jean-Marc Coppola: elected official in charge of Culture for the City of Marseille, accompanied by Jacqueline Nardini, Visual Arts Advisor

Norig Neveu: District Deputy, delegated to culture

Martine Robin: Director of Château de Servières, Marseille

Edouard Monnet: Director of Vidéochroniques, Marseille

Margaux Bonopera: curator at the Van Gogh Foundation, Arles

Rachele Borghi: artist and teacher at Beaux-Arts de Marseille

Sara Ouhaddou : artist

All application files were reviewed by two independent curators: Isabella Seniuta and Won Jin Choi.

Ateliers de la Ville de Marseille is pleased to announce the names of the artists who will soon occupy the 13 municipal studios made available by the City of Marseille until 2025:


Driss Aroussi & Badr El Hammami

Julien Carpentier

Théophylle Dcx

Kiana Hubert-Low

Elias Kurdy

Kazuo Marsden & Anastasia Simonin

Elvire Ménétrier

Adrien Menu

Louise Nicollon des Abbayes

Prune Phi

Ben Saint-Maxent

Fanny Souade Sow

Sandar Tun Tun


We thank you for your applications and look forward to seeing you in 2025 for the next edition!